The First Ever DVD Teaching You How To Play American Mahjong

Develop the confidence to join a Mahjongg group without feeling intimidated

Forget Confusing, Long Winded Instructions and Rules
Clear and Concise
Easy to follow
Watch an actual game step by step
Follow Susie as she explains every step of
the way
Hours of fun with family and friends
Increase your social circle
Practice and review session
Special rules section

only $39.95
Learning How To Play Mahjong

Our DVD featuring Susie is simple to understand. You watch it once, maybe a second time, and you are ready to sit down at the table and play. It covers everything from how to set up your pieces to how to play the game of Mahjong. And so much more!

You'll never wonder if you are doing it wrong.
You'll never be embarrassed by saying the wrong thing or making the wrong move.
You'll understand strategy, which hand to play, and the American Mahjong Rules.
So if you've been on the outside and want to learn how to play Mahjong but didn't have a patient teacher, let Susie be your guide.
You'll fall in love with her patient and clear teaching style an learn how to play American Mahjong with confidence.

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