Learn Mahjong Testimonials

See what people are saying about “Learn Mahjongg with Susie”

“I was recently given a copy of your DVD on how to play Mahjong. I have previously tried to learn the Mahjong rules, but was never successful. This time however, I found Susie’s clear and precise instructions both mentally stimulating and very interesting. I can now play American Mahjong with ease and have developed a technique that I am proud of. I have also made many new friend. I thoroughly recommend this DVD to anyone who thinks Mahjong is hard. Thank you Susie” – Ruth Stuart

“I bought this DVD for my wife who loves Mahjongg. We watched it together. It’s filmed really well and Susie is very patient. What a great DVD. The instruction is clear and precise. Although my wife has been playing for about a year, she found things in the DVD she did not know. The video is gorgeous and the instruction is simple to understand.
This is a great find. I’m surprised it took so long for someone to create a Mahjongg DVD” – Harlen Kilstein

“For months I have been struggling to learn the game of mahjong. Friends and neighbors would patiently try to explain the game to me, but unfortunately all their efforts were useless. I just wasn’t able to grasp the (so I thought at the time) complicated rules of the game. I was about to forget the game altogether, when a friend referred me to the DVD “How to play Mahjongg with Susie” and, much to the amazement of my many teachers, I am now able to follow and play a full game of mahjong. In the short 25 minute clip, Susie encouragingly explains the game in a straightforward manner. She clearly defines the rules of the game and gives a demonstration of how a real game should go, and possible problems you may encounter while playing. She takes you through a game, helping you along step by step, so when the time comes, you won’t be lost without her. Since watching the DVD, I am now able to confidently play mahjong. I definatly recommend this amazingly entertaining and easy to understand DVD to anyone who is interested in, or who has given up in the past due to “difficulties” in, learning the game of Mahjong. Thank you Susie!” – Leah Wajsbort